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Fire damage

Fire Damage Restoration Professional Advice – Preparing for a Home Fire

As far as destructive disasters go there aren’t many events as staggering as a fire that destroys your property and possessions. A fire in your home is a harrowing and an emotionally draining situation, whether it destroys everything or not. However, there are some precautions you can take to lessen the chances of a fire from happening in your house. The fire damage restoration team at Paul Davis understands the severe situation of home fires and that’s why it’s important to know how to plan and prepare your property and what to do when a fire occurs.

Form and Practice an Emergency Strategy for Your Residence

Safety has to be the first concern when prepping for a home fire, and smoke alarms and fire extinguishers should be located throughout the home. Smoke alarms are vital since a fire could come out of nowhere and you have to take action as quickly as possible. Something else to think about with smoke alarms is buying ones that can detect smoke caused from electrical fires. Finally, any kids residing in the home have to be instructed on how a smoke alarm sounds when it goes off and what to do when it occurs.

Next, get your fire escape program ready. Every member in the home needs to know two ways to get out from every room and where to meet outside when a fire occurs. Additionally, make sure that all members of the household know how to call 911 in the situation of a house fire.

Taking inventory of your personal belongings is a good idea for insurance reasons just in case all your stuff is destroyed by the flames. You’ll also want to preserve important things like birth certificates and passports in a strong box, and you can create digital replicas and upload them to a cloud drive for back ups.

What to Be Mindful of to Decrease Home Fire Dangers

There are some things to be aware of so you can lessen the risks and dangers that are correlated with home fires:

  • Portable Heaters: Never allow a space heater neglected, and keep flammable or combustible items three feet away from it. It’s also essential for your heater to contain the right features for safety. For instance, it turning off when it falls over.
  • Appliances and Electrical: Examine the switches for your lights to see if they have to be replaced. If you touch them and they’re hot, that’s a sign that they’re damaged. Another thing you have to do is check your appliances for worn out cords and broken plugs.
  • Children: Children are inquisitive and fire is exciting to them, so instruct your kids that fire is not a toy. Additionally, store lighter and matches in a safe location that is out of sight and out of reach.
  • Cooking: It’s essential to be conscientious in the kitchen and to not ignore food being cooked alone. Always have somebody there to watch everything going on.
  • Smoking: Cigarettes and cigars are severe fire hazards, and taking your smoking outside is the perfect way to prevent a home fire. If you smoke indoors, see that you have ashtrays with deep walls and that under any situation you don’t smoke in bed or while you’re drowsy. Additionally, never smoke indoors when someone in the home is on oxygen as this is extremely combustible.
  • Fireplaces: Creosote is very flammable and it forms in your fireplace and chimney after it’s been used, so make sure to get your fireplace cleaned routinely. Getting a large, sturdy screen is also essential to prevent sparks from flying into the room and log rollovers.

Contact the Fire Damage Repair Experts from Paul Davis

Immediately call the expert fire damage restoration team from Paul Davis if your property has had a fire. Our expert team can restore any fire damage and get your home back in a livable condition. For a Paul Davis franchise near you, get in touch with us at (609) 265-0001.