Water Damage Cleanup Contractors for Mickleton

Water damage of any amount can have adverse, long-term repercussions for your home. Excessive water produces major destruction to components like walls, floors, electrical work, appliances, ceilings, the interior and exterior structure of a property, not to mention household belongings and possessions contained therein. Turning to a staff of professional water damage specialists, like those with Paul Davis in Mickleton, is the best way to ensure your home is restored to its pre-damaged condition.

What We Do

Water damage can come from various things, like busted pipes, malfunctioning appliances and a dilapidated roof. Water can also be caused by putting out flames in your house. Fortunately, the expertly trained contractors with Paul Davis in Mickleton provide reliable water damage cleanup, remediation, restoration and reconstruction services throughout the area.

The team from Paul Davis examines the severity of the damage to figure out the extent of the job at hand. Damages caused by water have long-term ramifications within a home or commercial space. When not taken care of at once, that damage boosts the number of issues, work, and finances to improve it. Utilizing the services of our team means you prevent increasing repair costs and extensive irreparable wreckage, as well as prevent health issues for any individual or animal that resides in the home. Unaddressed moisture promotes mold and mildew growth, and this can lead to respiratory ailments for people. Prolonged exposure to certain types of mold should be prevented whatever the cost.

Our water damage cleanup and reconstruction services consist of:

  • Water damage examination
  • Water removal
  • Dehumidifying impacted areas, such as walls, carpet, padding and furniture
  • Cleaning and restoration of possessions, such as clothes, linens, books and documents
  • Remediating mold and mildew damage
  • Locating and fixing the source of leaking water
  • Reconstruction services and storm damage repair
  • Assisting with filing insurance claims

Water Damage Restoration Should Be Addressed Immediately

Water damage is much more than the physical ailments you see, like warped floors or discolored surfaces and walls. Water damage is put in a category to determine the severity of it. Class 1 water damage is clean water that is not dangerous to humans. Class 2 is a category of water damage, also known as gray water, and it deals with water that can cause illness because it contains microorganisms. Class 3 is extremely unsanitary due to bacteria and other pathogens. This is known as black water. The emergency damage cleanup and restoration contractors with Paul Davis will advise you of what category your water damage is part of. From there, they’ll handle the issues. Our thorough service means that we work meticulously until we complete the job. Our team begins by cleaning up the affected areas, removing what cannot be salvaged, mitigating and fixing any continuing dangers from the water damage and restoring your property as close as possible to its original state.

Get in Touch with Paul Davis Today

Paul Davis utilizes the proper methods for all of our emergency damage recovery services, so you can be sure that your property will be safe again. Our damage specialists are outfitted with industry-grade equipment and carry current certifications and insurance to work in the Mickleton area. Contact us now at (609) 265-0001 for disaster rehabilitation and water damage cleanup service.