A Homeowners Approach to Protecting a House from a Hurricane

Damage caused from hurricanes can be disastrous for your home. The high winds can shatter windows, separate roofs and uproot trees. Your home is also vulnerable to water damage from downpours. Nevertheless, there are preventative measures you can take to secure your home from strong storms. Follow the practices listed below to ensure you, your family and your home is defended from a hurricane and to avoid extreme storm damage restoration.

Hurricane Preparation Checklist

  • Garage Door – Start with your garage if your residence has one, because this is one of the more vulnerable sections for storm damage. Typically, garage doors don’t have the support to combat strong winds. What can take place is the wind will create a positive push inside your garage, and the wind outside of the structure causes a negative pull. When this takes place, your garage and roof will endure a lot of pressure because of this tug-of-war situation. To defend from a major storm damage restoration, you can buy a kit that will help your garage door hold off hurricane conditions. This is the most effective step, but if time isn’t on your side, then you can use your car to help brace your garage door.
  • Windows and Doors – The other problematic areas in your home are your entrances such as your windows and doors. Broken windows will allow rain and wind to move through your home, and this can lead to water damage issues. When a hurricane is on the way, make sure you lock your windows. If you have storm shutters, make sure they are closed and locked, but if you don’t have storm shutters, you can board up your windows to keep probable damage out of your home. Additionally, remember that placing masking tape on your windows won’t defend them at all. Concerning your doors, utilize the deadbolts or any other locking mechanisms to make sure they don’t fly open during strong wind gusts.
  • Roof – Conducting a quick checkup on your roof before a hurricane comes to your location can save you from a lot of property damage. The primary thing you’ll want to check for is loose shingles and apply some roofing cement to fix them. Next, check to see if there are threatening gaps where any wiring is coming into your home and seal them. This can bar any water from entering your home. You might want to think about getting hurricane straps to ensure your roof is secure as well. Another thing to do is unclog your gutters so there’s appropriate irrigation for the strong rains.
  • Your Property – Walking around your outdoor property is another important step you should take. Your trees and shrubs need some attention and might necessitate some pruning. Any dead or dangling limbs can be dangerous in windy conditions and could cause some damage to your home. This includes items in your yard such as patio furniture too. Move any loose items to a safe location before the wind takes them away.
  • Car – When you’re caught up in safeguarding your residence from a hurricane, it’s easy to forget about your automobile. Make sure that your vehicle is filled with gas, that your tires have good tread, the windows are sealed and that your windshield wipers are good. If you have to park on the street, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not parked under trees or in a location that is prone to flooding.

Get in Touch with Paul Davis for Hurricane Damage Repair

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