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Fixing Water Damage

From broken refrigerators to leaky pipes, water damage changes in source and scale. If left unchecked, water damage can hurt the foundation of your property. Floors, walls and other surfaces are susceptible to fungal growth after covered in water. The Paul Davis specialists are the experts to call when your home or business requires water damage restoration.

Getting Ready for the Experts

Before a Paul Davis pro arrives, there are different measures you can do to make the process faster. From the floors, walls, ceiling, and your prized possessions, it’s crucial to act quickly to avoid water damage in your home.

Before working, it is important to ensure your house is safe to enter. The dangerous mixture of water and electricity makes a dampened home an unsafe place to enter. Turn off the main breaker before walking into your home. Even if they look undamaged, home appliances can pack a punch when damaged by water.

First Things First

Water is a persistent substance that can soak into every area of your property. To keep water damage from harming small items, move them them before large furniture. Use a dry, flat area to set books, magazines and other paper things. Newspaper and any inked items should be go on a dry, flat area. Do not forget light fixtures and other shelf pieces either. The big work begins once you’ve moved magazines and other small items.

Fans and air conditioning circulate air throughout your home and begin drying the area. Leave the larger spills for the experts, however, you can wipe and mop smaller messes Though you may want to try, you should not use a normal home vacuum to remove water. This can damage the appliance or harm you if incorrectly handled. Once the room is clear of smaller items, use wooden or cement blocks to elevate large furniture above the floor.

Carpet and fabrics become heavier when soaked. The additional weight makes fur, rugs and leather goods difficult to lift. This means when you have to move a carpet, lift with caution. Hang draperies, clothing and other fabrics away from the wet area to dry correctly. Depending on how much water damage your home takes on, you may not be able to keep every item of fabric you own.

The same water weight that damages rugs and carpets can damage your home’s foundation. Floors and ceilings can bow when they take on water weight, it’s best to avoid these hazards.

Why Call Paul?

Water damage is easy for the Paul Davis team. {And with a some help from our customers, we can get to work sooner.} We work hard to return your house back to normal efficiently and quickly. Our professionals are experienced and have worked with varying degrees of water damage in different kinds of residential and business spaces. Additionally, Paul Davis works with your insurance company to settle your claims quickly, so you can return to normal.